Scoliosis is a genetic or acquired condition of the vertebral column characterized by an exaggerated lateral deviation of the spine.

Scoliosis is 7X more common in females than in males.

Scoliosis can go unnoticed in a child because it is rarely painful in the initial years of onset. Therfore, parents should watch for the following signs of scoliosis beginning when their child is about 8 years of age:
  • One shoulder higher than the other.
  • Sunken-in chest.
  • One shoulder blade that protrudes abnormally.
  • Asymmetrical hips.
  • Leaning to one side.
Columna con escoliosis
Although the majority of people suffering from scoliosis have the idiopathic (of unknown cause) form, the origin of many other people´s scoliosis is due to an unlevel sacrum and pelvis. This latter form can be helped by chiropractic manipulations.